Sony announces Bond 50 Blu-ray Boxset deal with HX8 TVs

Sony has just announced a rather cool promotion it’s running with its flagship HX8 TVs, whereby anyone who buys one will be entitled to claim a free ‘Bond 50 Box Set’ containing the Blu-rays of all 22 James Bond... Read More »

Sky adds BBC iPlayer to is catch-up services

If you’re a Sky subscriber with a Sky+HD box and a broadband connection, you can now enjoy the BBC iPlayer alongside Sky’s other on-demand programming. The service launched yesterday (October 30th), and can be accessed directly from Sky’s On... Read More »

Sky adding 4oD to its on-demand services

Sky has announced today that it’s done a deal with Channel 4 to bring the channel’s On-Demand service to Sky customers via Sky’s Anytime platform. The deal will allow more than five million homes with a Sky TV subscription,... Read More »

Marantz unleashes new AV receiver and Blu-ray player

Marantz has announced details today of two new home cinema products. And very gorgeous they are too. First up is the SR5007: a 7.2-channel hub for any home cinema system. The £699.90 SR5007 features a variety of networking facilities... Read More »

Panasonic and Sony join forces for OLED

With the big Japanese brands finding it apparently ever harder to compete with their main Korean rivals, we’re pleased – if surprised – to learn that Panasonic and Sony are going to work together on developing OLED panels for... Read More »

Lovefilm signs exclusive movie deal with Fox

Lovefilm’s attempts to see off new video streaming rival Netflix have seen the Amazon-owned brand snap up another exclusive – and significant – content deal. The new deal is with Fox, and will give Lovefilm exclusive rights to Fox... Read More »

Sony firms up details of its Google TV set-top boxes

Billed as the next step in Smart TV evolution, Sony’s new external Google TV set-top boxes are finally set to hit stores from July. First out of the traps will be the NSZ-GS7. Set to cost £200 and hitting... Read More »

LCD TV shipments fall for the first time ever

The latest sales data from the AV world has shown that worldwide LCD TV shipments have fallen for the first time in their history. LCD shipments across the globe fell by 3% in the first quarter of 2012, as... Read More »
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Consumers still prefer discs to streaming

New research from America shows that consumers currently still prefer watching video entertainment on physical media to streaming it via online media players – be they the Apple TV service, games consoles or portable media devices. A survey of... Read More »
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New device enables wireless HD video, 3D and audio transmission

If there’s one thing that’s always shit about home cinema installations, it’s the amount of cabling they usually involve. So we’re very pleased indeed today to learn of the new DVDO Air wireless HDMI connection system. This clever little... Read More »